Deidre & the Dark | “Variety Hour”

  • Release Date: 2/5/19

  • Record Label: YouTooCanWoo

  • Vinyl Release Date: 5/28/19

Focus Tracks:

One Night, Which Way, Bad Day, Back In Time, Come On

“One Night” is a bold and brassy declaration of love for the 60s girl groups, 70s Philly soul, and modern R&B that delivers the kinds of hooks and euphoria found only in the very best pop records.” - WFMU's Sophisticated Boom Boom with Sheila B

“...we experience Deidre & The Dark’s Variety Hour as a brilliant amalgamation of the past and present: A bright, transformative record of identity and experience, femininity, life, love, and everything in-between.” - Atwood Magazine

"The noir-pop style track nods to the masters of 60s soul while highlighting Deidre Muro’s vocals take flight, especially in the chorus where you’ll be hard pressed to get it out of your head." - Impose Magazine

"Walker Brothers soundscapes imagined anew, it’s modern, kinetic, patterned and poetic." - The Autumn Roses

Deidre & the Dark is a cinematic, technicolor world of music conceived by Brooklyn-based songwriter, vocalist & instrumentalist Deidre Muro. Seamlessly blending her love of 60s-era pop, rock, and standards with current electronic production, her fun and soulful tracks dance that magical line between feeling utterly classic and totally fresh. After years as a side project, 2019 sees Deidre & the Dark strut to the foreground with the debut album Variety Hour - a record of  “nostalgic noir-pop enhanced by modern stereophonics” (Culture Collide), featuring recent singles “Bad Day,” “Back In Time” and “One Night.”

Inspired by the signature format of golden era variety television shows, each of the album’s ten tracks takes on a uniquely different character. “As I was writing and imagining the flow of the record,” Deidre recalls, “I pictured costume, lighting and set changes, choreography, staging… It really guided the whole creative process for me.” Keeping in line with previous Deidre & The Dark releases, the tracks on Variety Hour have a vignette-esque quality, each featuring a leading lady inhabiting her own mini-world.

Fueled by a love for all things mid-century - from music to design, fashion, film, and architecture - Deidre & the Dark started as a side project while Deidre fronted indie-rock/pop band Savoir Adore. She has since released a number of singles as well as the Curious Parcel EP which features “Classic Girl” - a song which has become a staple of the band’s live set, as well as a hit with film, TV & fashion collaborators, and it’s own vinyl single release by Coachella record store curator Alex Rodriguez. Always one for a “theme,” she has also curated numerous conceptual events in Brooklyn. In addition, Deidre is a partner at Brooklyn music/audio production studio and record label YouTooCanWoo, where she composes for a variety of visual and musical projects and regularly collaborates with bands French Horn Rebellion and Violet Sands.



  • Band: Deidre Muro |

  • Management/Label: YouTooCanWoo | Christine Bilich |

  • PR: Mike Mehalick |

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