Our visit to WFMU's Sophisticated Boom Boom with Sheila B!

We stopped by WFMU’s Jersey City station and had a great time with girl-group expert & darling DJ Sheila B! It was so much fun (and an honor!) to perform on her show, and to talk with her about the new record.

Happy New Year! "Variety Hour" Pre-Order is Available Now!

I can’t believe it's already 2019! It's a perfect time to reflect & be grateful for all the good times we had last year. To name just a few, my husband and I had a beautiful, healthy baby boy(!), we released a bunch of singles, and we announced our debut album “Variety Hour”! Click below so you can listen as soon as it's out on February 5th! 🍊

I am so excited to share this record with you. It is the first full-length Deidre & the Dark record, made over many, many hours with my favorite collaborators, with plenty of sweat and quite possibly a few tears, and I'm very proud of how it came out. The release countdown has begun!

Thank you so much for being here - your support means everything to the band, our team and me. I hope your new year is off to a great start!